The Ring World Journey to an exoplanet
A 360º full-dome projection for domes and planetariums





Synopsis: This movie is provided in full-dome format suitable for domes and planetariums. It aims to disseminate science in alternative and effective way so that viewers can continue the journey begun with Exploring the Solar System , departing from Earth and reaching the nearby star Gliese-581. This trip will allow us to study the extraordinary Gliese planetary system, and one of the few exoplanets discovered so far orbiting inside the habitability zone of its mother sun.

Cuts: 6 different mounts of the same movie are available, 4 of them with speech and sequences adapted to multiple age groups, starting from 6 six years old. The other 2 mounts are provided with no speech, so an intervention of an entertainer or astronomer is possible during projection.

Formats: Available in MOV format up to 2K resolution, for small domes and planetariums. Up to 8K resolution is also possible, upon request.

Languages: Spanish, and subtitles for hearing impair. Other languages would also be possible, upon request.

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